Flaws :: The Pre-Production Blog


Topic :: I came up with this idea by just writing down words that came to my head and then I chose a few of the words and thought of videos that I could center around that word. One of my words was “Flaws” and it spurred an idea for me to do a video on people and their flaws. I want to film them and show that it makes them who they are and that people should accept their flaws.

Characters :: The ideas of characters for my video are just normal people. I want friends and family and strangers. Anyone that has an opinion of themselves and one of their perceived flaws. I want to show a range of ages, genders, and races so that people can relate to the video. The characters should be real people.

Locations :: I want to put the people in my video in their natural environment but I don’t want the location to take away from the person. I think that the most interesting part is the flaw that the person is talking about and I want that to be the focus rather than the environment that is around them. I am probably going to get a nicer microphone to make sure that the quality of the video is good.

B-roll :: My B roll will depend on the people that I use. I want to take videos of them with friends or family or in their environment acting out their life. I think it would be important to get B roll of a person procrastinating if that is their flaw. It all depends on the person’s flaw, so I will have to decide that once I find out who my characters will be and what they will talk about. The images will bring the viewer more into the life of the person and into their self-image.

Take Away :: I want the audience to feel that everyone has flaws and thinks about their flaws differently. Maybe they will see someone that has a viewpoint similar to their own and will see that it is either not a big deal or that there are other people with the same thoughts.

Summarize :: This film is about people and their own self-image. The video showcases different people with perceived flaws. It will show their flaw and hopefully show that it is a part of who they are and what makes them unique.

Plan of Action :: I need to send out emails to friends and family and gauge interest in being in my video. I also need to see if there are any class mates or strangers that would be willing to help me. I have a lot of free time at nights to film for the next two weeks, so fitting into people’s schedules shouldn’t be a big problem. I also will have a lot of time when I go home for break to film my family and edit the video. Once I have a time frame with people, I should rent the videos and microphone to get started. I also need to make sure that I know what B roll I am going to collect before I go and this involves brainstorming once I know the topics that are going to be covered.


Q: Is everything really an argument? A: Yeup.

Sooo my three brainstorm general concepts that I am going to use are memory, facebook, and flaws. I think these three are pretty interesting. Yeup. Here we go.

So for memory I would probably make an exploratory video about memories that people have from their childhood. What types of memories stick out most to them. I could interview someone that is a psychologist or professional of some sort and ask why people remember some things and not others. That part could be an information section. Then I could also use a meditative ending about what memories do you want to make and remember, etc etc etc.

Facebook woot woot. Who doesn’t love a good video about facebook. This one would have to definitely be convincing because a lot of people have opinions about the huge social networking site. I just watched The Social Network last night too so that kind of gave me some opinions and ideas about its influence and beginnings. I would probably use some informing people about general use and such and then try and use the information and interviews of people to get across a specific argument about the site.

What is the last one? Oh yea.. flaws. Um everyone has them [duh]. So basically I would want to highlight people’s flaws. An entire video showing what is “wrong” with people. But then BOOM the video is actually about how flaws aren’t bad and that they make us who we are. There’s some meditation for ya! Meditate on that! Also convincing because I would use this whole information on people to convince you that it’s okay to be flawed. ACCEPT AND EMBRACE IT! YEA!

Daily Article 7

So this article is pretty interesting because although plane crashes don’t happen very often, you always hear about them when they do. I think that a plane that was supposed to crash but the crew saved it is really interesting and I am super impressed with the pilot that landed the plane. Honestly I’m super frightened of a plane crashing but know it probably won’t happen and I used to fly a lot and am going to be flying this winter and my dad flies ALL the time. Scary stuff. Hopefully we are okey dokey. Um so basically that’s how that impacts my life. Also my uncle is a pilot and my aunt used to be a flight attendant. Take aways, here we goooo! 1) Everything in life involves risk 2) You can land a plane without wheels 3) People actually stayed surprisingly calm 4) A bunch of really important people died recently in a plane crash in Russia 5) YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS.

Daily Article 6

See, here’s the thing about this article… I don’t understand the problem that people have. Clearly these girls were elected by their friends and their professors. They have to be kind and popular and involved to be elected and are NORMAL people. So why shouldn’t they be elected? Ugh. This world. I chose the article because it is at least a sign that most of the world is moving towards more acceptance and tolerance and I like that. I think the girls did a good thing for their school and helped people see that it is ok to admit and be who they are. I wish people would be more accepting. I think that my friends and the people that I know are pretty good about this, but I would like to see more acceptance and these kinds of actions in my surroundings. Basically I’m excited that this article made the Chicago news and that it is getting coverage because people actually want to spread the news of tolerance. You go girls. Things I took away are 1) High schoolers are even more awesome than they were when I was in school 2) The world is changing 3) The girls have a really good sense of style and I like it 4) California looks like a nice place to be in the winter 5) Ignorant adults say stupid things even when it has absolutely NOTHING to do with their own lives.

Daily Article 5

This is a pretty momentous occasion in today’s society. Seven billion is definitely not a small number and our planet is already struggling to feed the people that live here now. I am interested to see what changes are being made in our society and how the increase in the population is going to affect how people live. I know that how we live now is much much different then when our parents or grandparents were young, so I am really just interested to see what happens in the next few decades. This obviously has some sort of an impact on my life because I am one of the 7 billion and hopefully some day I’ll be adding to that number. I think that some of the important take-away points from this article are that 1) We have too many people in this world 2) We need a new plague 3) The number was reached on Halloween #scary 4) The birth rate is actually going down in the richer parts of the world 5) Indians and Africans need access to birth control.

Daily Article 4

Man thought to be John Wayne Gacy victim found alive after 34 years

Alright, I chose this story because this NEVER happens. People don’t just disappear for 34 years and then reappear suddenly. Honestly, this whole blog is going to be somewhat of a rant. So this guy went missing at the age of 19 around the same time that all of the Gacy murders happened in his area. His family thought he was dead for 34 years and the whole time he was really just living in Florida basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean having his own life. Who does that? He didn’t even try and contact his family for 34 years and the only reason they found him was because they did a Google search on mug shots and found out he was a hippie pot smoker. This has no effect on my life and I hope that I never have a family member that disappears, but seriously… I would be PISSED if he was my brother/son/friend. He just disappears and doesn’t call for 34 years??? He has been married and has two kids and didn’t bother to tell his family??? Oh and then when they do find him (by accident) they just willingly accept his story and take him back into their lives. A complete stranger. They even offer for him to stay in their home and give him a job. This is the kid that ran away for 34 years and then when they find him, he decides it’s cool to stay and try to have a “real person” life with a real job. This guy hasn’t even kept in touch with his own daughters and they don’t think he was murdered by Gacy… they just haven’t seen him for no reason. Idiot. This guy has issues. Clearly his family has issues too if they just accepted him back. Whatever. Here are some take aways: 1) Just because you think someone you know is dead doesn’t mean they actually are… they might have just run away to Florida. 2) Apparently abandonment is forgiven by learning someone is alive. 3) Florida is a good place to go to find random jobs and live on the beach. 4) There was a psychopath murderer named Gacy that I had never heard of. 5) I’m a far less forgiving person than I thought I was.

Daily Article 3

“Northern Lights” show as far south as Atlanta

This is a happy article. They are so rare that I always like reading articles that don’t have something to do with violence or war or death, destruction, etc. What made me kind of sad was that the article is way way shorter than the unhappy articles mentioned before. I guess beggars can’t be choosers. I also really wanted to read this article because I have always wanted to see the northern lights. They are such a natural phenomenon and they look so beautiful in pictures that I’m sure they would be even more amazing/beautiful/fantastic in person. Lovely.

Well, this article impacts me because I want to see the northern lights so badly! I am probably going to try and research when the next time that they will be visible in this area is. If they were seen in Atlanta, there is a good chance that they will be visible here at some point. Especially since the peak is coming in 2013, I have a few years to figure out where to go.

Important things from the article : 1) Our climate is changing and northern lights are visible in the south. 2) I still have not seen them. 3) God is an artist. 4) The peak comes in 2013, but I already mentioned that. 5) If you’ve read my other posts, you know why there is a #5.