Flaws :: The Reflection Blog


Process :: During my pre-production I thought that I wanted to use a broad range of people in my video (including strangers) but I also noted that I wanted the general theme to be an understanding that everyone has flaws. During my production blog I talked about how I didn’t want to be present in the film and wanted my subjects to be the main focus. I also noted that I was going to give them the questions before I interviewed them. During post-production I decided that the footage I had was really usable and I liked the direction that I was being taken with my interviews. Basically the brainstorming and pre-production gave me my idea for the video and how I wanted it to be about everyone having a flaw. The production blog made me realize that I wanted to really focus on who the people I was interviewing were as people. I will note that my first interview I did not give my interviewee the question before and I liked her reaction to the question so much that I decided not to warn any of my interviewees. This worked out really well for me and developed a great base and tone for my video. The post-production really gave me a chance to sit down and realize what the tone was going to be and how I was going to put my video all together. It definitely reinforced that the video was about everyone having flaws and the video being about the unique personalities and flaws represented rather than strict interview style footage.

Feedback :: The feedback on my video was really good. I got some helpful criticism and also some positive feedback about parts of my final draft. I did like that I got a few different people who commented on the fact that they had trouble following which flaw was which. Once I explained that I wanted the bigger picture to be important, they agreed with me but suggested that I make that more clear. I appreciated this feedback because as the person that put it all together, I personally didn’t have any trouble following the comments so it was good to see someone else’s perspective. When I was giving my perspective to other people in the class, I noticed that we all really tried to help them improve their video and get across the idea they wanted to present. I think that throughout the semester we have been able to focus in on the important pieces of feedback that we want to give and help each other get better. I think that the best feedback anyone gave was specific. Specific feedback is the most helpful because it gives you something that you can really work on or a jumping-off point of sorts.

Self-reflection :: I learned that once I have my footage I like to work with what I have. I like to make things fit. I had a lot of shots that I wish were just a little bit longer at the end or cut off in different places but I made the footage work so that I could have the video that I wanted. And where I didn’t have the footage that I wanted, I had to tweak my idea of what I was going to make so that I could do the best with what I had. I also learned that I don’t necessarily work in any specific order. I definitely went through every interview that i had and decided what I liked and grouped different interview shots together, but after that I had no order. I just started editing where I felt most comfortable and where I knew that I had some good idea of what I wanted to accomplish. Whenever I got stuck on something I would just switch to another part and put my mind onto something different. I definitely think that this worked out for me because then when it got towards the end of the project i had worked on everything together and it flowed a lot better together than if I had just worked and finished one piece at a time.

Future :: I think that realistically I will only show it to friends and family who want to see it. For other places where it could be useful, this video or even a video similar to it could be used in classes about self-esteem. Obviously it is a bit of a stretch but I think the general concept about how everyone has flaws and everyone deals with it on a daily basis. I think the video could start conversation about how no one is perfect and that most people have deep issues that they think about every day. People have different ways to deal with their flaws. It could also just be a kind of comment about college students today and the issues that they go through. I think that some older people would have similar issues but maybe this just highlights that even young adults today aren’t too care free and have a lot that they worry about.

Final Question :: I think that in particular during this class I have really enjoyed getting to be creative. I know that I haven’t used that side of my brain in a while because I am a business major, so it is a nice change. I do think that I have noticed different ways that I kind of apply problem solving to both business and movies in this class. I try and look at the problem and work with what I have in front of me. I look through my evidence or footage and try to solve the problem. I think about it different ways and get other people’s opinions for view points that I hadn’t thought of before. In a way both processes are the same but with a different goal and one is much more artistic. I would also like to say that I think my process has changed since the beginning of the class. At first I wasn’t really sure what I was doing and I was pretty unsure about the work that I was putting together or how it was going to come across to the audience. After making a few videos and getting feedback from the class I think I have a better idea of how to make the video, the most efficient processes for me, and how I can better get across my ideas to the viewer. Obviously I would like to keep trying to make videos or something along those lines and get better at my own process. I enjoy making the videos and think it is a good way to relax or explore my beliefs like I did in this last video.


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