Flaws :: The Post-Production Blog


Reflection :: I feel a little bit more at ease now that I have some of my footage but I am a little concerned that I might not have enough. I think I want maybe twice as many interviews as I actually have cause I know that my video won’t have B-roll really well. I think that if I have more interviews then I can just cut between the people fast enough that I don’t need the B-roll. I’ll see once I start editing. I learned that the interviews are only like 3 minutes long each and that people open up a lot more and a lot easier than I thought they would. One of my interviews didn’t go as well as I thought it would and I realized (tragically) that my B-roll may be impossible to collect. I don’t think I would have done it differently if I had to do it again. I’m going to stay the same if I end up doing more interviews.

What Do You Have :: Honestly, all of my video is usable. Except some of Matt’s video (he was not a good interviewee). Even the times when they are just sitting and waiting or setting up are good interviews. I have each interview broken down into a set-up, self introduction, naming of the flaw, describing it, and saying if it is a problem. They are all pretty consistent.

What Can You Say :: The material I have is good. I’m happy with how much down time and laughter and uncomfortable moments that I have. I can either put them all as full people chunks in a row, put them as themed part chunks, or umm I can also I don’t know I can also do somethin else. Not sure what yet.

Reshoots :: I don’t need to reshoot anything, I just need to get more interviews with different types of people. I’ll get some more friends, maybe family over break, etc. Same type of shots as before.

Evolution :: My project has mostly stayed the same as what I have wanted it to be. I think I got some more inspiration from a few online videos of how to cut everything together. I think I have also kind of given up the idea of B-roll, but other than that my basic concept and stuff have all stayed them same.

Timeline :: I showed my group and they say that I have good footage and they like the awkward and silent moments that I have. What I need to do is get more footage over the weekend. Then over break I need to decide what order I want everything to go and make my fine draft. That is basically all that I need to do is get a few more interviews and put it all together. Not really concerned about finishing at this point…. I think I’m on the right track.


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