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Authorship :: As the filmmaker, I don’t want to be present in my film. I will conduct the interviews but I don’t want my voice to be heard in the film. I have to be very careful during my interviews not to talk while they are talking so that I can use the footage. I want to focus on the person that I am interviewing and their own perception of themselves rather than using my own opinion, voice, or questions. The basic theme is going to be that everyone has flaws and if I can show that I think it would be enhanced by not having my voice in there. Also I think that by focusing on the person rather than the environment (simple backgrounds) would get the idea across better too.

Content :: I don’t think that the audience will need any background information. I am going to try and get my interviewees to mention something like “Flaws? Well, my biggest flaw…” etc so that the audience will know what they are talking about at the beginning. Either that or I can put text at the beginning saying something like “These people have flaws” and ending with something like “But so does everyone else” or I can just have the dialogue that my interviewees say introduce the final idea that everyone does. Depends on the footage that I get during filming. But right now I know that I want to try and get them to say something along those lines. I am going to ask the person to think about their flaw before I interview them so that they will have thought through it and have at least something to say. I also want to have a few questions that I don’t send them so that I get responses on the spot. I am going to ask them what their flaw is, how it affects their life, how they manage it, how they discovered it, how they think other people see them because of it, etc. I think I want a few more questions to send them. But I will also run the interview based on their answers. I am also considering doing some blind interviews where the person does not know the topic that I am going to ask them about so that I get initial responses about their flaws and not information that they have already thought through.

Shots :: I need the following shots – Up-close shots of faces and hands, interview shots, and then applicable B-roll depending on their flaw. I want the following shots – Lots and lots of different people to flash at the beginning, people tripping, people interacting, people “judging” other people maybe (maybe not a good idea.. not sure yet), and I really hope that these shots will show people as they are. The shots of the individual people should be close up shots of people or their body parts (hands, feet, shoulders, etc). The interviewing should be about half of their bodies and maybe panning from one side to the other while they talk. All of the close-up shots should be about the same to show the unity of people and yeah.

Anxieties and Obstacles :: My main anxiety is that people won’t really be open to talking about their flaws. I know that it is kind of a touchy subject and that people get really self-conscious when you ask them to talk about themselves. Even if it is something good about themselves, people are hesitant to talk so getting them to talk about bad things will be even harder. I am also nervous about the execution of the shots. I wasn’t very good at getting B-roll last time and I want to improve that in this video. I think that since I wasn’t very good at it before, I should probably start early and get a lot of different shots so that I can use the right B-roll when it comes time to edit. More options means better chances of having the right shots. Also with the people not wanting to talk thing, I think I may have to interview people that I know because they will probably be more willing to talk to me. Strangers aren’t going to open up like I want them to. Ready. Set. Film.


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