I have always been fascinated by this combination of icons. Even though it is simply a combination of 7 different symbols, icons, etcetera, we understand the meaning. Coexist. What impresses me even more is that each of the icons represents a different way of thinking and/or religion. Our minds put the symbols together to form a word (completely lacking letters).

C : The symbol for Islam.

O : The symbol for Peace.

E : The symbol for Men.

E : The symbol for Women.

X : The symbol for Judaism.

I : The symbol for Wicca.

S : The symbol for Confucianism.

T : The symbol for Christianity.

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2 thoughts on “Coexist

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  2. Well, actually the e is a stretch since that really is a letter with just some extra stuff on it to match the theme, but I would still LOVE to have this as a bumper sticker and as a jacket patch

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