I have always been fascinated by this combination of icons. Even though it is simply a combination of 7 different symbols, icons, etcetera, we understand the meaning. Coexist. What impresses me even more is that each of the icons represents a different way of thinking and/or religion. Our minds put the symbols together to form a word (completely lacking letters).

C : The symbol for Islam.

O : The symbol for Peace.

E : The symbol for Men.

E : The symbol for Women.

X : The symbol for Judaism.

I : The symbol for Wicca.

S : The symbol for Confucianism.

T : The symbol for Christianity.


9 thoughts on “Coexist

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  2. Well, actually the e is a stretch since that really is a letter with just some extra stuff on it to match the theme, but I would still LOVE to have this as a bumper sticker and as a jacket patch

  3. The TAO (used here for the ‘S’) is actually a symbol for Taoism – Lao Tzu being the most noted Taoist philosopher – not Confucius. I find it strange that Buddhists and Hindus are not represented, especially when there are over a billion – or one in seven people.

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  6. Think about this interesting tidbit regarding this set of coexist icons.
    The center of the word is represented by the Star of David. The Bible and Torah clearly show that God revealed His word through the Jewsih people. If you follow the truth or waht is right and go right you end up at the Cross of Christ or Christianity. Once there if you look left you find what is left behind for Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one come to the Father except through me” John 14:6

    Interesting no?

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